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Written by Laura Antolín

High heels can be a woman’s best friend, or maybe not. Aches, corns, blisters, bunions… Ok, ok. We get it, high heels can hurt, and a lot. Let’s face it, there is no comfortable way to wear a five-inch stiletto for a whole day —not even for eight hours straight. And yet, we refuse to ditch high heels completely: they elongate our legs, they make us look slimmer and somehow, more confident. When we are on a pair of high heels, we feel the most important woman in the world, like if we could do anything — is it maybe the sound of the heels clacking against the floor? And of course, when it comes to being stylish, nothing beats a pair of gorgeous high heels!

Incredible though it may seem, we’ve been taught ever since we were little girls that beauty comes with a price — no pain, no gain. How many times did we hear that in order to be beautiful we have to suffer? But after all, who would look glamourous and sexy while wobbling around a room in pain? Imagine you are in a party and your feet are killing you — how often did this actually happen to us? —, your mood would be ruined for the whole night!

However, don’t desperate! Hold onto your high heels because there are solutions. Read the 5 hacks that in DressedIn we’ve compiled on how to make your high-heels more comfortable and you’ll never find yourself walking barefoot at night with your shoes on your hands!

1.- Get the right size. It may sound silly, but the truth is that many don’t use the right size shoe. Over the years, feet can change as well as sizes from one brand to another — just like clothes  —, so you need to make sure you choose a pair of heels that actually fit. Wearing the wrong size will cause you problems and aches, and it can even change the way you walk!

2.- Prepare your shoes. This is a great trick that works really well to stretch your shoes: Before using them for the first time, put a pair of thick socks in your heels and walk around your house in them for a couple of hours. Another option is to put the socks tightly in your heels and leave in the whole night, or you can simply use a dryer for faster results — be careful though, you don’t want to harm your brand new heels!

3.- More coverage up top! Have you noticed you can walk way more comfortably in your high-heeled boots than in any other heels? It’s because the more coverage on top, the better for your foot. In the case of high-heeled shoes, ankle straps can be that extra support. Besides, you won’t have to deal with your feet slipping out of your heels at every step.

4.- The moleskin miracle. If you haven’t heard of moleskin before, keep reading. This wonder material, also known as “second skin”, is a gift from heaven to prevent blisters. The soft adhesive can be cut and customized to cover any trouble spots on your feet.  Absolutely basic and indispensable for your feet!

5.- Use ball inserts. The ball of your foot is the part that suffers the most when wearing high-heels, so silicone gel inserts might be the protection you need to stay comfortable and avoid any soreness or pain. You can tell the difference afterwards!

What’s your favourite trick? Put out tipps into practice and decide for yourself!