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Written by Ksenija Rodos

It is always the same: Christmas is coming, you are getting the perfect Christmas mood, candles everywhere, drinking hot chocolate at home sitting in front of your fireplace (or your heating, in the more realistic version) and the best of this magic time of the year: X-Mas shopping! Hooray, we can shop until we drop. Such a nice thought of buying presents for our beloved ones, what could be better for a real shopaholic?! You probably already made plans for weeks what to get for whom – and you probably exactly know what to get for your mom, sister, your favourite colleague and your best friend. Even easier, if they are such fashionistas as you are.

But then there is this one dark thought in our mind, that scares almost everyone of us women: What should I get for my boyfriend / brother / dad / male best friend?

It’s actually the same for every special moment you need to get a present for a guy. Who doesn’t know this situation, your best friend calling you, asking you desperately for ideas: What was your best present for your boyfriend? What did you get your brother? He’s my best friend, but will he really like my present?

Let’s keep it real, we love them so much, but when it comes to presents we always have to realize: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus! Obviously you could ask the guy what he wishes for, but hey, isn’t Christmas all about surprises?!
That’s why DressedIn has done this job for you and asked 5 different guys about their real wishes for Christmas:



TamirTamir, 34, Entrepreneur

DI: What was the best present you ever got from a women?
Tamir: The best present I ever got was a surprising trip to Rome. She basically packed my luggage secretly, picked me up from the office (where everyone knew about it, of course), put me into a taxi, covered my eyes and took me to the airport. That was a huge surprise!
Also one of the nicest presents were a cool leather jacket and a Nintendo 64 (I mean every guy likes games consoles, right?!)

DI: What kind of presents don’t you like at all?
Tamir: I do not like presents, which I cannot use in my everyday life. I once got a barking-robot-dog. That might be funny, but it’s a complete waste of money I think. I generally like useful things that make my everyday life easier. But to be honest, I am that kind of person who would not tell the girl that I do not like the present, I would keep it and pretend to be a little bit happy, because I would be afraid to hurt her.

DI: What do you wish for Christmas this year?
Tamir: A training seminar in the field that I work would be nice. That’s something that will bring me forward in life. Or a professional poker set, as I love to play poker but I never treat myself with a good and expensive one. And as a guy who is doing loads of sports, work-out clothes are always nice to get.


DanielDaniel, 29, Sales-Manager

DI: What kind of presents do you like to get from women:
Daniel: I really like fashion (yes, there are also guys that are into fashion!). And as women mostly have a real good taste in fashion, too, those are the best presents I would say. The present I liked most so far was a Calvin Klein belt together with a Calvin Klein perfume.
For this year I would wish a Gucci belt, Adidas sneakers or also a perfume (Chanel blue).
Once a girls gave me a SPA day together with her, that was also really nice!
A holiday or a journey is also nice to get, but that’s mostly over the budget.

DI: What was the worst present you ever got?
Daniel: Well, actually there is not really a bad present you can get. Every present is better than no present as it shows you the person was thinking of you, which is already a great feeling, What I don’t really like is stuff like socks, Alcohol, beauty stuff from the drug store or caps. And it’s a shame if you get something that is not your size. I think it’s easy for a woman to find out the real size in advance.



MariusMarius, 30, artist’s manager

DI: What was the best X-Mas present you ever got?
Marius: In general it was a Weber grill, I am a real burger pro since then! The best present I got from a woman was a spontaneous trip to the Côte d’Azur, where there were waiting two racing bikes for us at the airport. For this year I would actually wish to get a high-end juicer, a grey cashmere pullover (which I asked my granny for) or a playstation 4 with the FIFA 2017 game. Game consoles are always a good idea! 

DI: What kind of presents don’t you like and would you tell?
Marius: I once got a borat (which I actually had to use once for a lost bet), My dad also loves to get me some ugly jewellery and watches he bought at the AIDA J But generally I do not like to get un-personal things I would also buy for me by myself in my everyday life like socks, underwear or whiskey and cigars. Those are things I prefer to buy by myself. And yes, I would be honest. I think with a tiny bit of humour you can tell it without hurting the girl and exchange the present for something more valuable.



JulianJulian, 29, Office Manager

DI: What could be the best Christmas present from a woman?
Julian: If you ask me for the absolutely best, that would be a Breitling watch, but I absolutely realize that’s way over the budget of most people. Otherwise a nice key wallet or a trendy jacket would be nice. As women are always up-to-date regarding fashion, they make the best fashion presents.

DI: What kind of presents would you not be happy about?
Julian: I once got reading glasses. That’s not something that makes my heart beating faster, pretty un-sexy. Also ugly socks or tasteless clothes are quite disappointing.





ReneRene, 32, Account Manager

DI: What are your favourite presents to get from women?
Rene: From women I actually like it most to get activities we can do together, like weekend trips or holidays. But also daily activities like a cooking class, concerts or sport activities. It’s less about the activity by itself, but more about the fact spending a nice day or several days together.
I also like it if a woman pays attention: If we pass by a shop and I say I like that shirt / sweater or whatever, but I do not buy it that day, she can go there the day after and get it for me.
What I don’t like is to get overpriced material things like bracelets of gold and overpriced perfumes.

DI: Would you be honest and tell the woman you didn’t like the present?
Rene: Well, that depends on the girl. I would try to be honest without hurting her. If the woman is pretty unstable I would rather be like “yeah, that’s so cool” instead of making her really upset.