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Written by Laura Antolín

Summer wedding season is right here, which means open bars to empty, dancefloors to hit, handsome single men to eye up and, of course, pretty outfits to shop. That’s by far the most difficult task wedding guests have to face. In the case of women, we obviously want to look gorgeous, but we don’t want to be the woman who overshadows the bride, or tries to — absolutely no. But things can get even worse when we are invited to a certain kind of wedding and we are asked to dress up in a specific way — oops! From the most demanding dress codes to the more relaxed ones for a wedding at the beach, in DressedIn Madrid we have lots of ideas to inspire you. Take a look!

White tie. The most formal of dress codes. If you are invited to a white-tie wedding, you’d better know there’s no room for mistakes, so say goodbye to experimental or scandalous looks. Get it right, for this type of wedding, you are expected to be in a floor-length gown. Round out the look with a clutch, fine pumps and subtle jewelry!

And from white to black tie. Black-tie weddings usually take place in the evening and although it’s a pretty formal ceremony, it’s also considered to be fun! Long dresses will do, as well as shorter ones with a luxurious detail like sequins or beading. Choose a dress that will impress the rest of attendees and match with quirky accessories to complete the look.


At the beach. Just thinking about a beach wedding makes us feel great summer vibes, but there are many things to take into consideration: yes, we have to dress nice, but dress for sand! Considering that, a pair of statement flat sandals or wedges will be the most appropriate option — dancing the night away is guaranteed! Go for a dressy sundress, either short or long, in lighter fabrics and bring a shawl for those breezy moments.

At a garden. Weddings at gardens are very popular on movies, but would you know what to wear if you were invited to one? Cocktail or maxi boho dresses with floral prints can be very flattering choices. Match with high-heeled sandals and complete the look with artful accessories.


(Dressy) casual. Casual in a wedding doesn’t mean you can wear jeans, unless the invitation says so. Make an effort and be a little bit dressier, we are talking about a wedding! From a romantic date outfit to a nice fitted jumpsuit, options are countless! Accessories will be the key of the look, as they will elevate the ensemble: funky shoes, a clutch and statement earrings will do.

Are you looking for the perfect outfit for that friend’s summer wedding? Get inspired with our style tips!

Outfit 1: mbyM, Blowfish, Versace, Michael Michael Kors.

Outfit 2: Closet, Valentino by Mario Valentino, Steve Madden, Rosantica.