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Written by Beatriz Calero

From belt-pouches to chockers, ’90s fashion has been back in a big way during 2017! Last fashion trend in joining the 90s boom are the so-called cargo pants. The military inspired trousers are back in a really sophisticated and modern style. Still don´t know how to style them? You are just in the right place!

We know what you’re thinking. Cargo trousers? Really? This may be one of the most controversial fashion trends during the history of fashion. Also, we have seen cargo pants comeback so many times it is hard to believe this will be the definite one! However, we have seen fashionistas such as Bella (and Gigi) Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski or Kendall Jenner wearing them, and this is definitely a sign!

First thing you need to know is that 2017-2018 cargo pants come in a skinny-cut style, which make them more wearable and flattering. Cargo pants are also really comfy and they can be used both during winter and summer. And probably one of best things about them is that they normally have many pockets so you can always have your mobile on hand!

We are aware cargo pants are not easy to combine. Take a look to our outfits and start rocking this trend!

1. Office look: Cargo pants + white shirt + mules

If you decide to wear cargo pants, you need to understand these trousers are not elegant or formal so it is best if you use them for casual looks. However if you don´t have to follow a really strict dress code to go to work, you can easily combine a pair of cargo pants with a white masculine shirt and a pair of mules. A good idea is to add an elegant blazer on top of your shirt!


2. Athleisure look: Cargo pants + white tank + sneakers

Are you looking for a casual and comfy outfit? We bring you the perfect look for your day-a-day: army inspired trousers, a white tank and a pair of cool sneakers! The weather is quite freezing and rainy these days in Madrid so it is a good idea to combine this outfit with a leather jacket!


3. Just allowed for fashionistas!: Cargo pants + black top + high heels

We have seen some of our favorite celebrities, such as Kendall or Gigi wearing the trendiest trousers of the moment. They chose to pair the cargo pants with a dark crop top showing their belly (maybe save this outfit for the warmer days). Add a pair of blow-minding heels and a loose vest and, voilà! Go take on the world!