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Written by Beatriz Calero

Located at the number 60 of Serrano´s Street, new Mango´s super store at the capital is the new shopping hotspot for tourists and locals. With 2000 square metres, four floors and a blow minding decoration, Mango´s flagship store in Madrid is the new shopping paradise for fashionistas!

It is not news that Mango has recently developed a new marketing strategy that aims to involve more the digital media: Instagram advertisements, video campaigns, etc.

Last initiative of the Catalan fashion brand is its new flagship store in Madrid which also has a lot to do with the digital universe. This super store is equipped with last technologies such as digital fitting rooms, e-tickets, PayGo payment, and the In-Store Shazam App. And, of course, the store will also have wifi connection!

With a sophisticated and contemporary style, and a palette of relaxing and warm colours, MANGO aims to create a pleasant atmosphere so clients could life a different experience while shopping their favourite clothes!

Those who have already visited the store (like us!) say that their favourite space inside the store is the interior garden, accessible from the ground floor of the shop. In this garden you will find different MANGO mannequins and a bunch of comfy sofas (which we find perfect for all those husbands and boyfriends who are tired from our shopping addiction!).

But there is no doubt, the thing we love the most about MANGO´s new super store in Madrid is the introduction of digital fitting rooms!

With this new and modern changing rooms you have the possibility to ask MANGO´s shopping assistants for different sizes or items from the inside of your fitting room just by using a screen located next to the mirror!

This screen also allows you to find good matches to the items you have chosen by scanning the barcode. Amazing, huh?

If you live in Madrid or you are planning to visit the city, don´t hesitate to visit MANGO´s new super store. You won´t regret it!