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Written by Beatriz Calero

Directly from London to Madrid, we bring you a new fashion brand launched in July 2017 we are in love with. After taking a look to their campaign and website we are sure: Dai promises to become the new leading fashion firm for business women in the city (and probably worldwide!)

Founder, Joanna Dai, was obsessed with finding the perfect outfit to go to work (something most of us crave for!). She asked herself if dressing for work could feel comfy but powerful at the same time, something all women have to thank her for. Because elegance should not be contrary to comfort, but just the opposite. Actually, we usually feel more self-confident when we wear items that suit us perfectly and feel comfy at the same time!

The solution to her dilemma came in the form of her fashion brand, Dai, which pretends to go beyond and to serve as a community for women with the same needs and who want to consume fashion in a more sustainable way!

Inside Dai´s capsule collection you will be able to find easy to wear, versatile and contemporary fashion pieces which are not only for the office but are also perfect for your after-work dates.

We couldn´t love more Dai´s collection, in which we could find casual but elegant dresses and masculine suits combined both, with heels and with flat shoes (and even with sneakers!)

Beyond producing elegant tailored womenswear of high quality (and style!), Daiwear also advocates for social causes. Actually, the London-based fashion brand has partnered with Dress for Success Greater London, a non-profit organisation which helps women from all over the world who are in an economic or social disadvantaged position.

For the moment, Daiwear has no physical store here in Madrid, but the whole Daiwear collection is available at and they ship all their products worldwide.

So if you are a business woman looking for cute, powerful and comfy outfits for your day-a-day, you should definitely take a look to their items online!


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