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Written by Beatriz Calero

Are you looking for original and interesting plans to spend your long weekend at the capital? We bring you the perfect plan for those who love fashion and history: DECODÉ Balenciaga, and introspective exhibition of one of our favourite fashion designers of all times!

On the 80th anniversary of Balenciaga´s first Haute Couture House opening and the centenary of the opening of his first atelier in San Sebastian, the Art Gallery We Crave pays tribute to this fashion genius by organising an exhibition that preserves Balenciaga´s legacy.

Cristobal Balenciaga was one of Spanish most important fashion designers and his work was known worldwide. His identity hallmarks were the black colour and the importance he gave to the feminine silhouette. He brought life to new and original fashion cuts, volumes and shapes!

Balenciaga´s way of understanding fashion was so contemporary that still remains modern today! His role in the fashion field was THAT determinant that even Coco Chanel used to say he was the “truly couturier” of all times.

DECODE´S exhibition shows Balenciaga´s work from three different points of view: Illustration, architecture and of, course, fashion! For that, a total of 16 Spanish artists (from graphic and fashion designers, illustrators to architects) have reinterpreted Balenciaga´s Artwork and have given new meaning to his original and unique work!

It is really gratifying to see how Spanish museums and Art Galleries are everyday more involved with the fashion field! Actually, we are looking forward to see which will be the next exhibition devoted to a fashion designer or movement. However, if you have a deeper interest in discovering Balenciaga´s work, you can always visit the designer´s museum in the North of Spain (as long as you have availability to travel)!

Note down that the current exhibition takes place at We Crave, a Design Space located at Conde de Xiquena, 12.


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