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Written by Beatriz Calero

Today, the internet is probably the most important medium to discover new trends (not just in terms of fashion) and to communicate, and so are the so-called Influencers – people that work within the network inspiring and giving ideas to people.
That is why, the website Influencity along with the collaboration of Los 40 Principales, decided to organize the first Influence Awards gala in Spain. The event took place last 14th of April at El Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid and awarded the originality and the hard work of the most important influencers of 2016 in the country.
Cristina Bosca and Antonio Castelo presented the gala and gave the awards to 12 different influencers coming from different expertise areas, including youtubers, instagrammers, twitters, and bloggers.

The great winners of the night were:

Best Trip Blog: “Viajando con Diego” (“Travelling with Diego”)
Best Photo: “Los Arys”
Best Impact: Aless Gibaja
Best Review: Alvaro Kruse
Best Vlog (video blog): Verdeliss
Best Experience: María Pombo
Influence Trendsetter: Carla Hinojosa
Influence Content: “Gafas Amarillas”
Best Campaign: Hawkers
Influence Video: María Herrejón
Influence Ambassador: Abel Arana
Influence Troll: “Bob Estropajo”

The best about these Awards is that the winners are selected by their own followers and by the Internet users in general: They voted them online one month before by using a hashtag in Twitter. Therefore, the definitive election of the influence winners couldn´t be nothing but fair!

The Influence Awards gala was an absolutely fashionable event as many of the nominees come directly from the fashion world and some others are somehow related to the fashion and shopping universe. Therefore, we could see some really nice outfits up in the stage!

Carla Hinojosa, who won the Influence Trendsetter award, has proved to have an amazing and unique fashion style. One of the most important requirements to win The Trendsetter Award was to find the person who looks always beautiful and trendy no matter what the occasion is, and according to the Internet users, Carla Hinojosa was the right one to win this acknowledgment. Also, the model María Pombo, who won the Best Experience Award, has a really fashionable Instagram account with thousands of followers who love her style (we also do it!)

And, after the Awards’ gala, all the participants and winners assisted to the after-party, where they melted together with a cocktail in hand. For fashion and trend lovers, this party was a great opportunity to be absolutely up-to-date about the Internet and the social networks universe. The result was a unique and special night that reunited the trendiest people of the moment.

This was just the first Influence Awards gala, so if you missed this one, you will have the chance to assist to the next one in 2017.

However, if you can´t wait any longer to know more about it and to see everything with your own eyes, you can watch the event here, as the gala was entirely streamed life for the people that couldn´t assist.