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Written by Beatriz Calero

We are happy to announce that one of our favourite jewellery and accessories stores in Madrid, Apodemia, has just opened a new store!!! This new shop will be located in Las Salesas, one of the trendiest and most sophisticated shopping areas in Madrid. Apodemia is already selling in 7 different shopping points: 6 of them are placed in Madrid, and the last one located in Bilbao (only shop Apodemia has outside the capital).

This last opening is definitely a sign of Apodemia´s recent success and popularity. Apodemia was born (and based) in Madrid in 2013 and it has been on the up ever since.

Is it the first time you hear about this jewellery brand? Then you absolutely have to keep reading because you will (for sure) fall in love with Apodemia´s style and jewellery collections!

Apodemia´s jewellery style is minimalistic, casual and really trendy. If you are looking for discrete but cool accessories to wear in your day a day, Apodemia will be your new jewellery hotspot in Madrid. In Apodemia they love to mix vintage inspired pieces with more modern items, so all their jewels are unique and absolutely wearable. On the other hand, all Apodemia´s pieces are made in gold (pink and yellow) and silver and they are usually decorated with small stones or vintage colourful ornaments!

In Apodemia you will find a really complete jewellery collection, as they sell everything from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more, which are perfect to wear with your daily outfits. The best? The prices are really affordable and the quality is quite good.

For all these reasons, Apodemia has become one of fashionistas and influencers favourite accessories shops in Madrid. It is not unusual to see celebrities and instagrammers wearing Apodemia´s accessories, and many fashion magazines and blogs are talking about them!

But not only Apodemia jewels are gorgeous, also their stores are tastefully decorated. They all follow the same line: An industrial aesthetic achieved through exposed pipes, beams and brick walls, and lots of natural motives such as dry flowers and plants.

To sum up, Apodemia´s leitmotiv consists on creating a universe that goes beyond jewels: a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere, cute and attractive packagings and beautiful and unique designs will make you feel a whole different experience. If you are looking for more than jewels, this is definitely your new shopping destination in Madrid!

Next Apodemia openings in Spain? We really hope they will be in Barcelona or Ibiza!