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Written by Beatriz Calero

Shopping sustainable fashion is now possible and easier than ever:
Spanish not-for-profit association Ethical Time has developed the first mobile app that allows customers to purchase sustainable fashion directly from our devices! Main objective of this super innovative project is to bring ecological and ethical fashion brands directly to their potential consumers.

Is it the first time you hear about Ethical Time? Here you have some keys about this Spanish not-for-profit organization: Ethical Time was born in 2017 as an initiative and raised up by a Barcelona student. Today, Ethical Time gathers together both, professors and students of the Pompeu Fabra University.

Ethical Time main aim is to spread and to promote ethical practices in order to achieve a fair and sustainable world. The Ethical Time creators realized how contaminating is the fashion industry and they decided to address this challenge from the clothing universe.

NGO Ethical Time is completely aware of the lack of resources devoted to sustainable fashion. Therefore, the app will be launched as a free service for both, the users and for the brands and shops that intend to participate in the initiative. Also, they think this is a good idea to encourage all to use and to participate within the Ethical Time universe!

Ethical Time´s mobile application and the website will include all the stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and any other city with shops that are responsible towards people and the environment. In addition, the project will concentrate all the online sales pages in the territory!

The app is not available yet but you can check more info at their website. Ready to play your part to help make the world a better place? Stay tuned, we keep you posted!


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