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Written by Beatriz Calero

It seems like Madrid´s cultural agenda is everyday more into fashion and shopping exhibitions. A few months ago we told you about Manolo Blahnik´s The Art of Shoes exhibition that was held at the Decorative Arts Museum, and then again, a few weeks ago we introduced you Sorolla and Fashion, organised by the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum.

We couldn´t be happier to see how Madrid´s entertainment, art and cultural agenda has now a lot to do with fashion. This was something we lacked a few years ago and we secretly envied and admired from other cities such as Paris, New York or London.

Today, we want to talk to you about the last luxury and fashion exhibition you shouldn’t miss in town. You guessed it right, we are talking about Louis Vuitton exhibition named as Time Capsule. Here you have all the keys about the new exhibition anybody who is into fashion and luxurious shopping is talking about in Madrid.

Louis Vuitton´s history and DNA has everything to do with traveling. Actually, first iconic pieces that were created 160 years ago were suitcases and other traveling items. Therefore, Time Capsule exhibition is closely related with this adventurous and traveling essence that characterises the firm.

If you decide to visit this exhibition, you will also discover some of most interesting and unique collaborations that Louis Vuitton has worked in with other fashion designers, luxury houses, artists or architects, many of them born in Spain.

Time Capsule exhibition tries to reflect Louis Vuitton´s traditional savoir faire from a really technological and modern point of view. Therefore, you will find many screens and technological installations, mixed with some of most traditional and iconic pieces from the luxury fashion house.

You can visit Louis Vuitton´s Time Capsule exhibition at the Thyssen Museum. But hurry up, because this exhibition will close its doors next 15th of may. For further information, do not forget to check Louis Vuitton´s website or Thyssen Bornemisza online page.

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