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Written by Beatriz Calero

Which shoes will you be wearing next autumn/winter? We have the answer!!! The DressedIn Madrid team attended Momad Shoes (IFEMA Madrid) last weekend to bring you directly the most important footwear trends of the moment! Ready to know everything about it? Keep reading:

If you have been here for a while, you must know in DressedIn we hardly miss a fashion and shopping event in Spain. Last no-to-miss event in our agenda was the footwear fair Momad Shoes, celebrated in IFEMA Madrid last weekend. This fashion and shopping fair hosted more than 500 footwear firms and designers presenting their newest proposals for the upcoming seasons (sounds like a paradise for shoe addicts, huh?)

As you know, there is no real fashionista who doesn’t have hundreds of shoe pairs inside her closet (we could say some of us have actually too many!) Probably, that is why the footwear industry is one of the most powerful ones in the world. But, we have bad news for you: unless your closet is as big as Carrie Bradshaw´s one, you won´t have room of all the pairs you love!

Need some help to make your mind up? According to Momad Shoes, these are the 5 footwear trends you absolutely must try next autumn/winter:


Cosy and fluffy: Furry shoes

Possibly inspired by the viral furry Gucci Loafers, many footwear designers lave launched their own versions of furry shoes. From platform sandals to masculine shoes, trendy shoes in 2018 will be hairy!


Queen of Disco: Glitter and metallic sneakers

Comfy is the new black! The sportive style (especially regarding shoes) will continue to be trendy the upcoming seasons.
Glitter and metallic sneakers have become latest street style’s obsession between fashionistas. Therefore, footwear experts have launched their own proposals. From Converse to Victoria´s, every sneakers firm will be selling futuristic sneakers.


Embroidered boots and floral shoes

Yaaai! Flowers will keep rocking our outfits from head to toe next season. We could never get tired of this happy and feminine pattern, but we have to say that we love it even more when it comes to footwear. Flower embroidered shoes and boots will add colour and a differentiation point to our winter outfits!


Organic and natural materials

The environmental trend regarding fashion is a blast! It is amazing to see how designers are using recycled materials (such as rests of palm trees) to create absolutely modern and fashionable shoes.


The comeback of square and pointed shoes

In this last edition we have seen rounded shoes are disappearing little by little. Make room for new shapes of silhouettes because next year you will be wearing more squared and pointed shoes!