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Written by Beatriz Calero

One of our favourite things about Madrid is the AMAZING range of cultural activities you can find in the city. Tourists from all over the Country come to Madrid to attend different Art Exhibitions and Theatre Plays.

If you consider yourself a truly lover of fashion history, you may be interested in last fashion-art exhibition taking place in the city. We are talking about “Sorolla and Fashion”, the exhibition that showcases all the fashion-related paintings from the Spanish artist as well as all the dresses and accessories he took inspiration from.

Organised by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Sorolla´s Museum together, The exhibition Sorolla and Fashion started this week and will last until may 27th.

We wanted to be one of the first ones in attending this blow-minding exhibition and letting you know about our expert opinion, so we got our tickets just yesterday and spent the afternoon visiting the museum.

First thing we have to say is that the exhibition is really surprising and full of details. Not only you will find amazing drawings from the Spanish Painter but also a blow-minding collection of dresses and accessories Sorolla bought during his trips around the world. This was one of the parts of the exhibition we enjoyed the most: To compare the drawings with the actual real dresses!

By looking closely to each and every one of his paintings you may notice the interest Sorolla always had for fashion trends and for the female figure. Actually, he definitely is one of the most modern and feminist figures of his time!

Something that is also really interesting about his artwork is that, during the same period Sorolla was painting, some of the most important figures of fashion history, such as Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet or Jeanne Lanvin, emerged.

To sum up, Sorolla´s work had a lot to do with fashion and with the female figure, so this is the perfect exhibition to visit if you are seeking to learn a little bit more about fashion´s history and feminism!

If you have never visited the Thyssen Museum before, first you need to know is that it is one of the most impressive museums in Madrid. So, if you have enough time, you should spend at least a couple of hours exploring its corridors and magnificent rooms.

Madrid weather is quite unpleasant these days, so we encourage you to spend part of the weekend exploring this beautiful and surprising exhibition!

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