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Written by Ksenija Rodos

The Madrid Fashion Week will have its 65th edition this winter, which will take place at the IFEMA from the 17 – 21 February. The most important Spanish fashion designers will show their new collection for autumn / winter 2017/18.
Sounds familiar to you, right? So far, so good! But there will be one big change this year for the Madrid Fashion Week: Charo Izquierdo is the name for changes this year in the Spanish fashion industry.

Charo Izquierdo is the new director of the Madrid Fashion Week and she has big plans, like making the Madrid Fashion Week become a more important fashion event international wise and to attract more established and big designers to be part of the MFW.
Now you might ask yourself: But as the Madrid Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event of Spain, it already is big in the International fashion industry, isn’t it? Well, therefore you need to look deeper into the whole Fashion Week scene. So let’s start from the beginning.

Since the first Fashion Week ever took place in 1943 in New York and the concept was sold to IMG events in 2001, the success of this fashion event exploded all over the world and more and more metro poles hosted its own fashion week. For each city it is the perfect platform to present their local fashion designer, the urban style of the country and to promote new coming designer who conquer the international fashion world. And there is no question that this is the most important event for each designer to showcase their style and their collections.
But still, there are a few designers who rule the fashion industry for decades, these are the best-known fashion brands worldwide like Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, etc. And for the biggest influencers in fashion (and here we are not talking about bloggers and instgramers, but about the real bosses in the fashion industry like Ana Wintour, other editor-in-chiefs, chiefs of the international fashion council’s and the head buyers of the biggest luxury department stores) those are the shows that count most!

So, while the big and established designers get the most international attention, smaller designers, that are more established nationally, get a little bit lost in the shuffle.
And this is what Charo Izquierdo is aiming for: More international attention for the Spanish designers that are showing their collections at the Madrid Fashion Week.

Therefore the new executive has set her eyes on the Latin American fashion market, where she wants to attract the attention. Additionally she wants to engage more Spanish fashion designers that already have a reputation on the international fashion market, like Custo Barcelona and Menchen Tomas, who will be making their debut at the Madrid Fashion Week this year!

We are looking forward to see the new collections next month and are excited to see how Spain will more and more make a big name in the international fashion scene!


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