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Written by Laura Antolín

Pink and red are a no-go? Gold goes with gold, silver with silver and bronze with bronze? If you are tired of a fashion subject to rules that don’t lead anywhere, you’re probably going to love our blog topic today: mix and match!

What happens when pattern meets print? A predictable disaster or a glorious miracle?  Not everyone is born knowing how to mix and match prints and textures — not even colours! And don’t even mention geometries, flowers and psicodelia! — we don’t want anyone’s head to explode! In consequence. one simply sticks to simple and boring outfits that follow static and predictable rules. In DressedIn we tell you to break’em all!

Forget about pre-established canons, senseless prejudices and those unwritten rules on what we can or cannot combine. It’s time to play with different patterns, colours and silhouettess in fashion. A bet for the “more is more” and originality!

If you want to master the art of mix and match, park aside everything you knew and take good note of our tips!

1.- Keep it in the family! Have you ever wondered how to mix colours and make them match? Just choose those from the same family! For example, in the white and pastels family, you have cotton white, pearly white and nude; and if you take green as a colour reference, you can choose from electric lime to mint and artichocke. This way, you’ll create a subtle look, but still visually attractive to the eye.


2.- Find complimentary colours. How to do this? Try using a colour wheel! Since “opposites attract”, as black and white, create the same effect by choosing one colour and looking at the opposite side of the colour wheel. You’ll find there its complimentary colour!

3.- …. And complimentary patterns. If there are complimentary colours, there must be also complimentary patterns. Stripes and floral always make a good couple as do leopard and stripes or polka dots. Play with them and judge for yourself!


4.- When sizes come into play. They key is to find the perfect balance, so mix larger and smaller prints, making one of them the focal point. Take the example of stripes and floral, they go hand in hand, and if you put the visual load in just one of them, you’ll make a huge difference!

5.- Use accessories wisely. Accessories can be of great help when mixing and matching patterns: a belt can be the perfect item to break up two different patterned pieces, as do a pair of shoes or a neutral bag. Just don’t overdo it!


Ready to get addicted to mixing and matching? Give an original and stylish twist to your wardrobe!

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