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Written by Laura Antolin

Let’s go back to when we were kids! Do you remember when you had a hole on your sweater or jeans and your mother covered it with great skill with patches? No need to say that we hated those patches with flowers and other cute motives that she put on our clothes. As kids, we just wanted to look cool like grown-ups — obviously! —, and wearing cute patches on our ripped clothes was not precisely the definition of cool that we had in mind — we just wanted new clothes anyway! However, as ironic as it may seem, patches for clothing are back.The difference this time is that we love them!

Back to the 90s, patches were also part of the social identity of those youngers influenced by the grunge movement — of course, they didn’t wear cute patches, but patches of bands or with political messages instead —, and today, almost thirty years later, they are one of the biggest trends right now, wearable by some of the most stylish and fashionable people in the industry! Who doesn’t remember Chiara Ferragni wearing those super cool boyfriend jeans with colourful patches? Or Rihanna rocking a leather biker jacket full of standout patches by Dries Van Noten?

The list of celebrities and fashion trendsetters using patched items goes further, as well as the number of pieces than can be patched: from T-shirts to bags, jeans or caps. Yes, the patch trend can be seen everywhere, also on the runways! Patches found success with Alessandro Michele for his Resort collection for Gucci, JW Anderson for Loewe and Marc Jacobs x Naylon, which launched a whole limited-edition collection.

But sometimes all we need in fashion is a little inspiration, right? So here you have different suggestions to get the vibe and get in the mood:

Make a statement! Is there anything you want to say? Spell it out! Choose patches with message and make a true statement!

patch jeans

Play with scale! Mix patches of different size to add a bit of attitude to your outfit. Different can be beautiful!

Patch jackets

Pick a theme! Why not choosing patches with the same theme? It can be the perfect weapon to create a powerful outfit.

patch bags

Go solo! Even minimalists can get in on this trend with just one patch. You should choose an impressive one, though.


But if you are feeling creative, don’t hesitate to create your own patched item! Take an old plain top — or buy a new one — and start sewing or ironing cool patches on it. Continue later with a denim jacket or a pair of jeans, you’ll see how addicted you can get to adding patches yourself. DIY all the way!

Fashion pieces embellished with patches can be really cool — does anyone has still doubts? —, so add a little pop to your look and have fun with fashion!