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Written by Ksenija Rodos

Every year brings new adventures, new hopes and new styles. Thankfully fashion designers are always thinking ahead for us to create already now the trends of the future. You just need to watch all the fashion shows to sum up different trends you can see on multiple shows. Sounds like quite a lot work? Don’t worry, relax and lay back. We are doing this job for you.

DressedIn was constantly informing you about the latest trends in 2016 and now we want to present you the absolute must haves for 2017:




Dark blue velvet

The trend of velvet already started in 2016 and will be even more trendy in 2017! But in 2017 the dark blue velvet will be the hottest trend. This combination of colour and material creates the most elegant look and makes you appear super strong and powerful! This is the perfect trend for everyone who loves black and do not like to wear colours. If you like yourself in black, your will love yourself in dark blue velvet! We have seen it on shows of Dolce&Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada. Stella Mc Cartney and almost every other big designer and Zara is already catching the trend for the low budgets of us.

Blue Velvet











Patent leather

Now this might sound a little wired for you as the first thing you think of when you hear patent leather is either a childish outfit or an outfit you might use for some sexual games. But big designers Lacoste, Isabel Marant6, Versace and Christian Dior included many items made of patent leather in their collections especially in their autumn / winter 2017 collections. But also in summer you can mix this shiny material in your outfits, because they mostly come in bright colours!

patent leather











Artisan collar

There are so many ways to wear this historical (mostly white) collar; with sweater, with sirt’s, dressed or jackets. Many designers add them to their items next year, but you can also buy them apart and upgrade your outfit with it. An artisan collar will always make you look chic and feminine.

Artisan Collar











Girly pink

When it was red in all shades you have seen most for the past two years, it will be pink in all type of shades you will see most next spring / summer! The colour of the year is very feminine and can be combined with black, to make it look more elegant or simply be worn as a very soft powdery pink.

girly pink












The trend that has probably been started in 2016 by Karl Lagerfeld inspired by his very cute cat Chaupette has taken over the entire fashion world. In 2017 all type of cats are printed on all type of clothes: Tigers on sweaters, Lions on dresses, black panther on skirts and leopards everywhere.

Kitty cat fashion