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Written by Beatriz Calero

There is no better way to know a place than knowing their locals. And when we talk about fashion and shopping, there is no difference!
That is why we have contacted three fashionistas from Madrid that actually have A LOT to do with the fashion panorama. Do you want to know what they have told us? Discover their favourite fashion and shopping spots in the city:






Paula, editor at a fashion and lifestyle TV programme.

Paula is currently working at “Quiero Ser”, one of first TV programmes in Spain issuing the subject of fashion and shopping. At her job she has daily contact with some of most influent Spanish bloggers and fashionistas! However, she has always had a huge interest for fashion and trends.

She lives right in the centre of Madrid, where she can spot most alternative and bohemian outfits.

Her style is casual and she loves to dress trendy but comfy outfits. Therefore, her favourite fashion shops in Madrid are:

eseOese: She absolutely loves to purchase her working clothes at eseOese. This shop provides her with timeless, fresh and elegant clothes to look perfect at work. What she loves the most about the style of eseOese is the boho touch of the clothes and the taste for neutral and earth colours!

Herself: Paula´s favourite shopping address when she wants to go out for a date or to enjoy a nice dinner with her friends is Herself! This unique store offers absolutely fashionable and modern clothes. However, what she loves the most about about Herself is the great variety of accessories, bags and shoes they have, and of course, the great quality and affordable prices!

Biba Vintage: This is definitely Paula´s choice when she has to attend a concert or a music festival! Biba Vintage is one of best vintage shops in Madrid and the perfect place to find rock, alternative and cutting edge outfits. Paula loves to go to Biba Vintage and try all the new pieces feeling like a rock star! The best about this shop is they have clothes both for man and for woman.



Isabel, Hawkers communication responsible.

Isabel works at the communication department of Hawkers, one of most fashionable and successful sunglasses brands. She has to be up-to-date about accessories trends and she works hand in hand with it girls and models.
Isabel has a really classic, minimalist and chic style, and she loves to dress up and to be perfect at any time.
Obviously her favourite shop to buy sunglasses is Hawkers, but she also loves to shop at:

Zara: As any Spanish girl, Isabel usually purchases her basics at Zara. What she likes the most about Zara is they are always ahead of the newest fashion trends, so she can always dress with the trendiest items at really affordable prices!

Between all Zara stores in Madrid, Isabel especially likes their Serrano establishment as it is one of the biggest ones in the city – and worldwide – and she always finds everything there!

Brandy Melville: Located at the commercial Street of Fuencarral, Brandy Melville aims to dress young, fresh and casual ladies in the city. When Isabel is looking for something different and more informal, she usually visits B. Melville!

Abercrombie & Fitch: This is definitely the place where Isabel shops all her jeans! Right in the middle of one of the chicest and most elegant neighbourhoods in Madrid, A&F offers a huge selection of all-American clothes with laid-back sophistication. Isabel also loves to walk around the shop to enjoy the special environment: Loud music, cool and gorgeous sales assistants and a really special fragrance filling the air!



Sandra, fashion editor and model.

Sandra´s fashion style is as versatile as she is: She has worked for different communication agencies, as well as she has posed as a model for different brands, and she even has created a make-up and fashion blog. To sum up, she is totally into the world of fashion and beauty and her fashion style couldn’t be more feminine, sexy and unique.

We have asked her about her favourite shopping spots in the capital and here is what she has told us:

Oysho: There is no doubt Oysho is one of Spanish most important underwear and swimwear brands. Currently they also offer an amazing sportswear collection which is not only really comfy and practical but also absolutely sexy and cool! Sandra loves to purchase all her gym clothes at Oysho to look absolutely perfect while practicing sport.

Lush: This ecological beauty store provides Sandra with everything she needs for her beauty treatments. Whenever she feels a bit tired or she needs to cheer up, she passes by Lush to get any of their beauty products that smell as well as they take care of us!

Malababa: This beautiful store offers unique jewellery pieces and other amazing accessories. Sandra finds Malababa fashion complements the ideal choice to attend any important event such as a party or a wedding!